Playboy Is Getting Into the Beauty Game With Press-On Nails

To say Playboy has evolved a lot in recent years is an understatement. While some things about it will never change — like suggestive photo shoots and the iconic Playboy bunny insignia — so much has. In 2015, the publication decided to nix the nudity it was so well known for, only to bring it back in 2017. That year marked the first transgender Playmate, and in 2018, the first Playmate with a shaved head. Then, come 2020, the print edition came to a halt, but the brand lives digitally on with new galleries, articles, and, of course, merch. So much merch.

And now, in addition to shirts, jewelry, underwear, home decor, and even CBD gummies, Playboy is expanding its merch into the beauty category. Specifically, the press-on nail game.

The Press Play Nails by Playboy set includes an array of different designs on coffin-shaped press-on nails — though if you're not feeling the shape, it comes with a file to manipulate the length and edges as you see fit. The designs stick to a black, white, yellow, and pink color scheme that lets you mix and match different patterns like a checkered print, polka dots, paint splatter, swoopy stripes, and of course, the famous Playboy bunny silhouette.

"Nails by Playboy give consumers the opportunity to express themselves with salon-quality nail art at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time," the brand tells Allure in a statement. "They can be easily applied, removed, and reapplied. The versatile design provides opportunities to rearrange or customize with additional lacquer or accessories."

The Press Play Nails by Playboy set will be available for $25 starting on Friday, July 30 on

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