Hermès's New Blush Makes a Compelling Case for Having Expensive Taste

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It's not easy having expensive taste when you don't have much wealth to spare. That especially goes for beauty products — but there's just something so special about savoring a product with a velvety texture, fine floral fragrance, or weighty gold packaging simply because you wanted it enough to drop the big bucks (and feeling like royalty after you do). 

That's why wallets everywhere immediately became endangered when fashion house Hermès (famous for its highly coveted Birkin bags) announced it was launching a beauty line in 2020, starting with a range of luxury lipsticks. Those lipsticks, which sold out right off the bat, are now being followed with a new range of pressed-powder blushes called Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder. Naturally, I had to put them to the test; no shocker here, they're every bit as splurge-worthy as their predecessors. 

First thing's first, I need to talk about this packaging, which is so lavish that I'm terrified to store it with the rest of my makeup and potentially get it dirty. As it goes for the lipsticks, this compact is white with gold details, including a metallic seal embossed with the Hermès seal smack dab on the front. Like the lipsticks, this packaging is also magnetic, keeping the product inside nice and safe from the elements. When you crack it open, you'll catch a soft whiff of its soft and powdery floral scent — just strong enough that you can smell it during application but not so much so that it's overwhelming or irritating to the senses.

If you prefer to look like you just spent a day at the beach or went for a run when you put on blush, these will definitely be up your alley. All eight of the available shades are more on the subtle side with muted rose, soft pink, and peach tones. My personal favorite is undoubtedly Rose Pomette, a true petal pink, which surprises the hell out of me because I have rosacea that's concentrated on the apples of my cheeks that usually bars me from wearing pink blushes (I'm more of a terra cotta girl). 

I was delighted to find that when it comes to formula, this blush is really buildable; it's near impossible to overdo it, which lends itself to that natural-looking finish. I prefer to keep my blush closer to my temples using a tip that makeup artist Elisa Flowers previously told Allure. "Apply using small circular strokes, blending outward and upward," she says. 

My favorite brush for that is Real Techniques' Blush Brush. Once I apply, this formula makes itself at home pretty quickly by sinking into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. In short: I used to use cream blushes exclusively… not anymore.

I'm not the only one entranced with Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder, by the way. Several other Allure editors are declaring it a new staple in their routines.

Senior commerce writer Sarah Han wears the shade Rose Nuit.

Senior commerce writer Sarah Han loved one shade so much, she couldn't limit it just to her cheeks. "Rose Nuit looked lovely on my complexion, so much so that I decided to dust the shade all over my eyelids," she says. "I wasn't expecting anything less, but this Silky Blush Powder truly applies like butter, so not only does it feel amazing as soon as it hits my skin, but I can't stress how luxurious I feel as I blend in this formula."

Editor Jihan Forbes wears the shade Rose Feu.

Like me, editor Jihan Forbes also noticed how subtle and buildable this blush is. "This powder goes on smoothly and is super buildable and blendable," she says. 

Thanks to that buildable texture, this blush gives you total control of how intense you want the color payoff to be. "When I first got it on my brush, the pigment was real," says Forbes. "I swiped it onto my cheeks with a brush, and while it was intense at first, it buffed out so well that I was able to dip my brush in a few more times to help develop that color."

Deputy editor Kara Mcgrath wears the shade Rose Nuit.

For deputy editor Kara McGrath, this blush's appeal is all about the texture. "The formula does something pretty rare for a powder: It blends so seamlessly onto my skin that it almost looks more like a liquid blush would," she says. 

And the colors? Pfffft. "These blushes come in the prettiest range of pinks and peaches I've ever seen in my entire life," says McGrath. "My favorites are Rose Nuit (a cool, dusty rose) and Rose Tan (a peachier shade), both of which manage to give me a natural-looking flush, despite being two totally different colors in the pan."

Hermès Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder

Even with that much higher-than-average price tag, it's hard to see a reason not to love this blush with its unique look and feel. I think this sums up all our sentiments best: Consider us completely obsessed.

Hermès Rose Silky Blush Powder, $77, is available now from hermes.com. 

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