Five CBD, THC Launches for April 20

Beauty brands aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet. Here, five new product launches featuring CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in time for April 20.

Drew Martin x Heretic Parfum The Herbalist Eau de Parfum

Available on April 20 for $250 at Sweet Flower stores.

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The cannabis strain in the fragrance has notes of lemon and pine, and Little included frankincense, lavender and hinoki for their relaxing properties, too. Industry sources estimate retail sales for the collaboration’s limited first run to hit $60,000.

Saint Jane Hydrating Petal Cream

Available in June at and Sephora for $68.

Saint Jane Petal Cream Photo courtes

Saint Jane Beauty made headlines when it debuted its luxe viewpoint on CBD skin care, starting with its hero face oil. Now, Casey Georgeson, chief executive officer and founder of Saint Jane, is expanding her horizons — and categories. In June, the brand will launch its Hydrating Petal Cream, a CBD-infused emulsion inspired by how flower petals maintain their beauty by water intake.

“It came to me when I was doing a photo shoot, and Petal Cream became this passion project of finding the perfect balance between a product that really hydrates and has this incredible, delicate, silky soft texture,” Georgeson said.

In addition to CBD, the cream includes peptides from hibiscus seeds and 10 other floral essences. Given its hydrating benefits and featherweight texture, Georgeson thinks the product will be a hit across skin types. “We’re learning a lot about CBD because it’s still being deeply researched, but we know it’s anti-inflammatory, that it can help balance oil production, and that it can target irritation and skin stress,” Georgeson said.

Industry sources estimate retail sales to exceed $5 million in its first 12 months on the market, although the brand would not comment on the estimate.


Available at lifeinô.com. Prices range from $24 to $53.

Ô Photo courtesy of Ô

As Miss Colombia 2013 and Miss Universe 2014, beauty queen Paulina Vega was uniquely positioned to start not one, but two skin care lines. Last year, she founded “masstige” Mind Naturals, and last month, she debuted Ô (pronounced “awe”), its grown-up prestige sister line.

Ô, which sells d-to-c, has four stockkeeping units, all with CBD: a pH Balanced Facial Cleanser, Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream, Anti-Aging Repair Eye Cream, and Nourishing Face Mask.

Each product includes an array of botanicals to showcase the biodiversity of Colombia, said Luis Merchan, chief executive officer of both Ô and Mind Naturals. Industry sources estimate the brand to reach between $2 million and $5 million in sales for its first year on the market, and Merchan added that the brand has plans for numerous launches.

“Customization is a huge part of what customers want today, so we are going to have products available for all skin types,” Merchan added. “We want to make sure we cater to specific needs.”

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with showcasing Colombia’s flora and fauna. “We have an organic practice [on the farm], and that’s something we wanted to implement in both of these brands,” Merchan said.

Kush Queen Bäre+ CBD/THCv Tincture

Available at for $89.99.

Kush Queen Bäre+ CBD/THCv Tincture Photo courtesy of Kush Queen

Kush Queen founder Olivia Alexander’s journey with cannabis started, literally, on the frontlines of the industry. When she was 18, she worked as a “budtender” (the sales associate equivalent in cannabis dispensaries), where she procured much of her own knowledge about the plant and its various molecules.

“We always try to think creatively about how we use new molecules in formulations,” Alexander said. Now, her brand has devoted followers who typically use the products every day. For fans of ingestibles, she made Bäre+ CBD/THCv tincture. One of its namesake ingredients, THCv, is a variant of psychoactive cannabinoid THC that lacks its trademark appetite stimulant qualities.

Although tinctures were an early category for CBD, Alexander said they remain a tried-and-true way to make efficacious products. “THCv can’t transfer through the skin in its current state, the true best way to take them is orally,” She said.

The product is not psychoactive, Alexander said, when proper dosing is followed. The brand expects the product to be a top seller, an ambitious goal for a brand with over 70 stockkeeping units in both the hemp-derived (over-the-counter) and cannabis-compliant spaces. “When you find out there’s a weed strain that doesn’t give you the munchies, it’s all you need to say,” Alexander said. Industry sources estimate the tincture to bring in $500,000 in retail sales for its first year on the market.

Fitish Wellness Elixirs

Available at for $80.

Fitish Wellness Elixirs Photo courtesy of Fitish

When Jenna Owens, founder of CBD skin care brand Fitish set out to create a lineup of products for active individuals, she didn’t have the resources to launch with a tincture. “I didn’t have cannabis money to get right into the tincture business, but my whole goal was to create this well-rounded, athletic brand and of course, skin care starts on the inside,” she said.

Now that her brand has picked up momentum, she has the buzz — and ingredient know-how — to bring a differentiated product to market. Enter her two new wellness elixirs, which launch April 16, one with elderberry and the other vitamin C.

As Owens saw basket sizes on her website increase, she felt comfortable offering a slightly more expensive product. “Most of our skin care is under $50,” she said. “But from a business perspective, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself into just skin care. It might bring customers that don’t take CBD orally yet, or more men who aren’t as on top of their skin care regimens.”

Industry sources estimate the two tinctures to reach $1 million in sales for their first year on the market.

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