Bésame Cosmetics' Mary Poppins Collection Is Practically Perfect in Every Way

Bésame Cosmetics has become a favorite of Disney fanatics because the brand executes truly lovely collaborations that lean heavily on the vintage vibes that have always been one of its strong suits. Among the collections that have drawn the adulation of makeup lovers are Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Mickey Mouse, and now, Bésame is bringing us a line inspired by one of Disney's most beloved — and one of its earliest — live-action musicals: Mary Poppins.

I actually have to contain myself as I'm typing this because, although I'm personally not Disney-obsessed overall, Mary Poppins is one of my all-time-favorite movies. I watch it at least once a year and continue to find new moments that surprise and delight me well into adulthood. So when I heard that Bésame was launching two sets — and that founder Gabriela Hernandez studied every inch of the film in order to make those sets and the products in them as accurate and nostalgic as possible — I knew I wouldn't be alone in my enthusiasm.

First, of course, is the Mary Poppins Set ($68), inspired by the titular magical nanny so memorably played by Julie Andrews. It includes the translucent Practically Perfect Powder, based on the design of the character's famous compact; Mary's Cream Rouge, a highly pigmented, pinkish-coral cheek tint in a floral tin; and Poppins Red Lipstick, which is also available as an individual product ($25). Just as beautifully packaged, it's based on the gorgeous shade worn by Andrews in the movie. The set even comes with a matching tote bag featuring silhouettes of Mary Poppins and her penguin friends. 

The other set is actually the one I'm most excited about: the Mrs. Banks Set ($35). Played by Glynis Johns, Winifred Banks provided my first very early lesson about suffragettes, not to mention she gave me an appreciation for letting your freckles show through your makeup — which is, perhaps, why there's no powder in this set. Instead, accompanied by postcards of Bert's magical chalk drawings, the duo includes Mrs. Banks Lipstick, a peachy shade just like the one Johns wore in the film, in a tube inspired by her instantly recognizable dress; and an even lighter peach nail polish with a hint of shimmer, made to look just like what Mrs. Banks wore. 

These sets are already flying off shelves both online and at Bésame's flagship store in California — buying the Mary Poppins set may be the only way to get your hands on the lipstick at this point — so don't hesitate to open your virtual umbrella and fly on over to besamecosmetics.com to get your favorite one.

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