A Pedicure Left This Woman With Fourth Degree Burns

A US woman has highlighted the dangers of dodgy salons after suffering fourth degree burns during a pedicure.

In a Facebook post, Cindy Dillon shared two graphic images of the burns, which have left her with permanent scarring and nerve damage.  

“During my pedicure my pedicure girl put on callous remover on my feet, wrapped my feet in plastic and wrapped them in hot towels,” she wrote.

“While she was doing my best friends pedicure, she had forgotten about me. I felt a burning sensation on my foot and told the young lady that my foot was burning, she pulled off my wrapped feet and I had a 4th degree burn on my foot!”

After four visits to the ER, multiple doctors appointments and treatment from a wound specialist, Cindy says she was out of work for seven weeks and faced over $7000 worth of medical bills. 

“After asking the salon to pay my medical bills, and they decline and also finding out they had no insurance! I hired a lawyer and she said I had no case because the owner also had no insurance!”

Fox 4 reports that the salon Cindy visited was cited on its last two inspections for failing to follow proper sanitation procedures, including not cleaning the pedicure equipment.

To avoid an incident like this one, it’s best to find a reputable salon. If you’re visiting a new spot, ensure their licences are displayed and equipment is clean and sterilised. 

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