41 Expert-Approved Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

Want to know how a stylist washes their hair, if a makeup artist’s hand is  really that steady, or why your nail technician raids her nan’s bathroom cabinet?
 We asked top beauty insiders for their hottest industry secrets…

1. Dabbing fragrance behind each ear? Don’t

“The sebum-producing glands will interfere a and alter the scent. Wear it on your collarbone instead,” recommends perfumer Roja Dove.

2. Intensify your lips colour. Fast!

Using eyeliner. Yes, really! “If you want to amplify your lip colour, mix it with a smudge of black eyeliner to deepen the shade,” says make-up artist Trish McEvoy. “Blend it on the back of your hand and apply with a brush for precision.” Who knew?

3. Try the milky secret to super soft feet

Fact: “The skin on your feet is thicker than anywhere else on your body, so keep it supple by soaking yours in warm water, with a drop of milk or oil, before using a pumice,” says podiatrist Margaret Dabbs.

4. Wash clay masks off while they’re still a bit tacky

It’s a pro trick that works! “That way, you’ll avoid sucking any moisture out of the skin,” says Dr Justine Hextall, consultant dermatologist on behalf of The Harley Medical Group.

5. Sort out hair volume overnight

“Brush dry hair to the crown of your head before bed and tie it up. Release it in the morning and the roots will lift beautifully,” says celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford.

6. Apply your lipstick before your liner

“This’ll avoid wonky, unnatural lines,” says celebrity makeup artist Francesca Neill. “Then blend with a finger – the heat from your skin will soften it without smudging.”

7. Add glow to your
 regular body lotion

Attention tan lovers: “Just a small amount of self-tan mixed with your regular body cream provides instant radiance,” explains Clara Anderson, VIP tanner at Vita Liberata.

8. Know your perfume’s true staying power

“Light scents that smell grassy, fruity or floral have smaller fragrance molecules and evaporate faster than heavy patchouli or woody notes,” says Coty fragrance scientist William Andrews. Noted!

9. Never skip toner

It helps to refine and sweep away redness. “If you wash your face with tap water, toner helps to remove the mineral deposits that regular water leaves on your face, which can cause inflammation and sensitivity,” according to NUXE communications director Sonia Garnier.

10. Apply 30 percent more liquid foundation

“Then pat your face with your fingers for up to three minutes for sheer perfection,” says bareMinerals makeup artist Sarah-Jane Froom.

11. Chill moisturiser

It’s the high-speed hack experts swear by. “In summer, refrigerate a gel or liquid moisturiser before applying, to give skin a refreshing boost,” says Neutrogena health
 PR consultant Rebecca Bennett.

12. Just add water

It will save cash, and your face! “Dampen your pad with water before applying product and to avoid it soaking into the pad, helping it glide onto your face,” says aesthetician Caroline Hitchcock.

13. Target that base

Rocking an up-do? “Earlobes carry a lot of redness and can stand out against the rest of your skin,” says Anna Priadka, NARS makeup artist.

14. Double up on your moisturiser

“Running low on highlighter? Take some moisturiser, warm it up in your hands and press it over your cheeks, nose and chin after make-up,” says Bobbi Brown’s Amy Conway.

15. Tailor your cleanser to your makeup

“A rinse-off formula is better [to remove] water-based products,” says Lixir founder Colette Haydon.

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16. Give serum 2 minutes

It’s worth it. “Pause before putting on moisturiser to allow both to penetrate,” says Ian Taylor, cosmetic scientist for Green People.

17. Perfect your towel trying technique

It matters! “Dragging bath towels across the skin can cause irritation. A patting motion is much gentler,” says dermatologist Anjali Mahto.

18. Find the mascara 
wand for your face

“They’re not one-size-fits-all. If you have small or hooded eyes, use a smaller wand to reach the lash root,” says Eyeko founder Nina Leykind.

19. Tap, don’t rub, toners

“This boosts circulation and also helps enhance product absorption to give tired skin an instant pep,” adds facialist Michaella Bolder.

20. Dot your way to the perfect flick

“Draw the ‘tail’ on the corner, then dot the liner once in that corner, once in the inner corner and once in between, before joining them up,” says Chantecaille’s Shareen Gerald.

21. At-home waxer? Apply oil first

“Oil up the skin before you start to stop hot wax sticking to your body, rather than just the hairs,” says waxer Arezoo Kaviani. Genius!

22. Add vinegar to your final hair rinse

Why? “Vinegar has a low pH, which closes the scales of the hair shaft to make lengths look instantly glossy,” says Gallinée founder Marie Drago.

23. Be wise with a deep berry nail shade

“Swerve the yellow tinge it can leave by soaking your singers in water with two denture tablets after taking it off,” says nail guru Morgan Taylor.

24. Apply serum to damp, not dry, skin

It’ll draw active ingredients into the skin more effectively,” says Taylor

25. Always start from the middle when apply foundation

“Begin in the centre of the face where most redness and dark circle reside, then blend residual product outwards,” says Laura Shepherd from Cosmetics A La Carte.

26. Keep it cleaner

Keen to swerve pesky germs? “Eye brushes should be cleaned twice a month, others can wait four weeks,” says make-up artist Paul Herrington.

27. Trace over your eyeliner with a matching shadow

“Eyeliners contain oil, but a dusting of powder will prevent smudging. Think of it like applying powder over foundation,” says make-up artist Morag Ross.

28. Find the hollow of your cheeks

“Then dust powder just above where you feel the face dip under the cheekbones, not below,” says Rose-Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty.

29. Divide and twist for effortless waves

“Split your hair into 2.5cm-wide sections, then twist in opposite directions while wet. Hands off as it dries – touching can cause frizz. It will look less ‘done’ than with tongs,” says Freda Rossidis, creative director of Mr. Smith.

30. Massage, don’t scrub, greasy hair

“Use tepid water to wash and massage, rather than scrub hair – otherwise drying out the scalp will cause your natural oil glands to go into overdrive,” says KMS Style Council member Sam Burnett.

31. Double the radiance

“Try rubbing in both a moisturiser and a face oil. First, apply the moisturiser to attract water into the skin, then pat the oil over the top to form a barrier that will keep it there,” says facialist Nichola Joss.

32. Rub a dry face washer over lips post shower

It’s the two-second trick that packs a big punch. “Then apply balm to leave lips softer and plumped,” says make-up artist Sascha Jackson.

33. Apply eye cream before moisturiser

“Most eye creases are caused by dehydration, so apply eye cream before your moisturiser, otherwise the former won’t be able to sink in,” says celebrity facialist Abigail James. Result? Fewer fine lines, fast!

34. Apply concealer sparingly under eyes

“Focus on the semicircle on the eye’s inside corner instead,” says make-up guru Lauren Hersheson.

35. Use lukewarm water on coloured hair

If you want it to last! “Hot water opens hair cuticles,” warns Garnier hair-colour consultant Trevor Halls. “And condition immediately to help lock in precious colour molecules.”

36. Use an SPF moisturiser pre-workout sesh

“Up to a litre of water can evaporate from the skin’s surface during a 45-
minute run, so it locks in hydration and prevents UV damage,” explains Clinique’s Tom Mammone. We like it!

37. Avoid makeup slip ups

“If your makeup disappears by lunch, it may be because your skin’s thirsty. [Try] a non-oily moisturiser,” says makeup artist Lisa Valencia.

38. Match your brows with your hair

“Brows should mirror the deepest shade on your head to look natural,” says Benefit’s Lisa Potter-Dixon.

39. Spray a cotton bud with perfume to beat a breakout

“Before bed, dab it on the spot – it’ll dry out by morning,” says makeup artist Gia Mills. Amazing!

40. Skin feeling parched? Swap the bath for a quick shower

“Keep the door closed to lock in humidity and apply a hyaluronic acid moisturiser while the skin is still damp,” says Garnier consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk.

41. Remember, serums are highly concentrated

“To get more bang for your small bottle of product, use a maximum of four drops or a pea-size amount per use,” says skincare expert Debbie Thomas.

This article originally appeared in Women’s Health’s July issue

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