100,000 Australian Beauty Lovers Voted This As The Best Moisturiser In The World

Whether your approach to skin care is minimalist or maximalist, there’s no product in your regimen as important as moisturiser.

The humble moisturiser sits on your skin’s mantle for hours every day and often multi-tasks as an SPF, anti-aging, hydrating and make-up priming product all in one. Which is why when a moisturiser earns the top vote from 100,000 Australian beauty lovers in Mecca’s 2018 beauty election, attention must be paid.

The winner in the auspicious best moisturiser category is *drumroll, please* the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream ($88; at mecca.com.au).

Relatively new to the scene, all natural brand Drunk Elephant is quickly achieving “cult” status for their synthetic-free, toxin-free skincare range which actually delivers on what’s written on the bottle. 

Their Lala Retro Whipped Cream boasts six antioxidant-rich African oils designed to increase your skin’s elasticity and moisture. Plus, it’s packed with fermented green tea to combat aging and inflammation.

One enthusiastic reviewer wrote, “the texture of this cream is quite thick and exactly how the name states “whipped” consistency. 

“It’s extremely nourishing and the ingredients list is extremely luxurious and what appealed to me the most when purchasing this product. Drunk Elephant use marula oil in all their products which is fantastic as it is such an amazing oil for all skin and absorbs so well and works wonders for my skin.”  

This article originally appeared on InStyle

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