Why a hot bath is not so healthy

Who rises daily in the hot Wanner, ‘ death of a Japanese long-term study, a lower risk of a cardiovascular disease. The effect was all the greater, the more the test persons bathed.

Around 43,000 participants in a survey from 1990 in detail to your Bathing habits, and many other nutrition and lifestyle issues. They were observed until the end of 2009, and this time it came up to 275 heart attacks, 53 sudden Herztoden and 1769 strokes. It showed that those who took a daily hot bath, suffered in comparison to people who bathed twice a week or less, to 28 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease and had a 26 percent less likely to have a stroke.

Heiß is better than lukewarm

The water temperature also played a role: Who hot water is preferred, had disease a 26 percent lower risk for cardiovascular disease, while it was reduced in hot water by 35 percent. Correlations between the risk of stroke and water temperature were not found. The researchers also found that frequent bathing was lowered in the tub, the risk for high blood pressure. High blood pressure diseases is an essential factor for the development of cardiovascular.

Previous research results have shown that heat has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases. It is assumed that heat effects on the body similar to exercise.