Whoever is happy, will get sick less often

Healthy people are happy people. But, conversely, happiness is also healthy? This seems to be indeed the case, as a recent study shows: Who is satisfied with himself and his environment, which is also written sick less often. The signs for US researchers in the journal "Psychological Science".

Happiness and satisfaction can have an impact apparently on health: through Both Online as well as through personal psychological therapies for the well-being increased in the course of a 12-week programme with the study participants. In contrast to those of the control group were still on a waiting list for the action, decreased the days of illness of the participants during the program and three months beyond. On the basis of the psychological improvements, the number of sick days it was even possible to predict.

Glück lässt train

For the study, a group of 155 adults between the ages of 25 and 75 years of age, was waiting randomly to either a control group or the twelve-week psychological therapy associated with it. In the first three weeks of the program, participants identified their personal values, Strengths and goals. The next five weeks focused on mindfulness, as well as the Regulation of their emotions and negative thought patterns. In the last four weeks, they learned techniques that promote gratitude, positive social interactions and community.

The weekly modules were led either by a therapist or via an Online platform is complete. They contained, respectively, a one-hour lesson with information and Exercises, a weekly writing task (e.g., diary) and an active component, such as a guided Meditation. It was in each case recognised as instruments for the increase of subjective well-being. At the end of the programme and three months later, the participants evaluated together with the researchers of well-being and health.