Standing broken: A Doctor is often out of breath, without knowing it, it hovers in mortal danger

The patient is fully in the life: she is mid 40’s, professionally successful and works as a Doctor. She just came back from abroad, where the Physician had voluntarily cared for the Sick – a difficult Job with Twelve hour shifts and little sleep. After the journey the woman noticed a change: she gets a hard time breathing and feels as if she is not resilient. When Jogging and also in training sessions with your sports group, you come unusually quickly out of breath. Previously, you had to be able to easily keep up.

Podcast "The Diagnose"

Enigmatic Suffering on the trail: "Crucial note in addition to set fallen"

Exhausted, the woman from the rigors of travel just? Or is there another reason behind the complaints?

A cardiologist examined the woman. The heart and lungs of the hobby, the athlete seem to be healthy. The two women touch, therefore, on a harmless infection. But then – the patient is just about to go out of the consulting room – a falls your Doctor another possible cause. And the requires quick Action.

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