Sport in times of Corona: How the Fitness industry invents new

Mat remain curled up, treadmills turned off, dumbbells ungestemmt: Due to the spread of Coronavirus in the country, all of the fitness studios and sports clubs were closed. Where else at the same time sweating and panting, there is now an absolute Blank.

To burn calories, many people therefore have no other choice than to train in your own four walls. And it is, apparently, much use is made: “We notice over the last few days, a significantly higher demand,” explains Robin Pratap in conversation with the star. He is a founder and managing Director of the Berlin-based Fitness App Asana Rebel, the classic Yoga Exercises with aerobic Workouts and combines. “Even in a Home Office or in the quarantine people want to stay fit and healthy.”


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Prataps Team working, which is now also completely out of the Home Office, has “a very significant increase in all metrics”: On the one hand, the number of new customers is increasing, on the other hand, existing customers now use the App more frequently. Striking: “We note that shorter Workouts are more in demand and they are completed more often during the day.”

Pamela sweat, Ripe with Thousands at the same time

A Trend can also be observed Fitness icon Pamela Mature. “I notice in my Workout Videos an incredible increase in the demand numbers,” said Reif. On Instagram, the 23-Year-old, 4.7 million Followers on Youtube your channel have subscribed to around 1.8 million people. “I usually record most of the calls early in the Morning and in the evening. The Numbers I see, however, that the people are now home during the day and have time to make Sport.”

In order for your Fans to stay in their own four walls-motivated, has Ripe created a two-week training plan, and a Workout Challenge started. Together with their Fans, she trained every day for half an hour – up to 100,000 people per hour, within 48 hours, you achieved two million views. “Usually, the are more likely to be women. But in the current Situation, I also get a lot of messages from men wanting to try my Workouts as an Alternative to the gym.”

“Many people eat out of boredom”

That Home Workouts are not as efficient as the Training equipment that keeps the 23-Year-old for a misconception. “Everyone who has tried my Workouts, know that you are just as stressful as a visit to the gym. Since I’m not even breaking a sweat. Because it’s not blow by blow, you can sit down after each Exercise and resting time of three minutes.”

In order to serve the increased demand Pamela increases Mature, the timing, instead of ale two weeks ago, you published now every week a Video. “Home Workouts are extremely important, especially now, where the people are at home and have food stashed away. Many people – including me – eating out of boredom, and because the normal amount of exercise can not be maintained, the fast on the scale.”

Also, the large gym chains like McFit, Fitness First, and Mrs. Sporty respond to the Corona-measures and try its members to pilot in Online courses. In addition, many companies will refund the contribution for the period in which the Studios are closed.

Corona is forcing coaches to rethink their approach

The quarantine Situation is not only for athletes, is an exceptional situation, but also for teachers and coaches. “My work as a Yoga teacher currently exists no longer, at least not in the Form as it was,” says Steph Jaksch to the star. Jaksch is a respected Yoga teacher: she taught well-known professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs, including Jessica Biel, Nicolai Kinski, Hannah Herzsprung and Susan Hoecke. It takes the social distancing very seriously: “I’ve cancelled all of the individual hours. Actually, I have distanced myself geographically and am currently on the island of Ibiza.”

Because no one knows how long the corona crisis will continue to Jaksch your business model to Online instruction: “The demand for Live Yoga in these times is very large, already ‘finished’ Videos are rather less in demand.” It’s not just the sporting, but also the mental aspect: “I try to reassure the people and provide them with the tools of Yoga, such as Meditation, breathing techniques and body exercises to help you to stay positive. I’d like to encourage you to take the Situation seriously, to preserve at the same time but rest. It is proven that positive thoughts and Affirmation to strengthen the immune system and are of critical importance, whether the body remains healthy.”

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Some experts predict that the social life for months, if not a year must be shut down, the spread of the Coronavirus is from the curb until there are effective treatments or vaccines. For the company it was a burden – but also a Chance to think Jaksch. “It happens just something very Exciting: A return to self, nature, and a confrontation with the Material. Love occurs in spite of the physical distance in the foreground.”

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