Special glasses help Red-Green colorblind

Researchers from California and France have developed a pair of glasses with special lenses through which people who are Red-Green colorblind, after a gestation period of two weeks, more colors and better may differ. This effect continued even when the color blind test persons wore the glasses.

In the study, in the journal "Current Biology" appeared in a special filter used to increase the distance between color channels. In order for color blind people colors more vivid will be able to see, clearer and clearer. In Tests after two, four and eleven days, revealed that the Wear of the filter glasses in the case of persons with a Red-Green colorblind, the response to color contrasts are increased. In these Tests, the special glasses has not been worn for a "Lerneffekt" speaks: How long this will last is still unknown.

Mämen are hämore often affected than women

One of the colour-blind study, participants described his experience: "When I wear the glasses outside, all colors are extremely vivid and saturated, and I can see at the viewing of trees, each tree has a slightly different shade of green than the other. I had no idea how colorful the world is and how these glasses are color blind can help to better navigate through the colors and enjoy the world." He had initially received a Placebo glasses, and later to the special filter version tried. At least eight out of 100 men and one in 200 women have Red-Green colorblind -. While people with normal color, more than a Million hues and shades, see, recognize, see red-green-weak people, in a greatly reduced color palette. You feel the colors as more subdued and faded, and some of the colors are different for you difficult to.