Menstruation is in many regions a taboo subject

In many countries and regions of the world, Menstruation is associated with a Stigma. For many women and girls therefore, it is also difficult to practice optimal Hygiene. Which concepts could help to improve the Situation was discussed by representatives from the health and education policy by the end of October at an international conference in Bonn.

A good menstrual hygiene can be difficult due to many causes, such as lack of Knowledge, inadequate sanitation, or the fact that the necessary products are available. For the well-being and Dignity of women, this is an important issue, particularly for school-age girls. They fail because of inadequate sanitation facilities, under certain circumstances, the teaching, as a study in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia shows that 90 percent of the students from rural areas stayed away from during your period is the class for four to five days, in urban areas, 75 percent of the students were missing two to three days. This is mainly attributable to inadequate sanitary facilities in schools and the price of hygiene products.

Scotland produces, in this respect, equal opportunities in the education system, and bypasses the Problem of cost, by students free menstrual receive products and information on Hygiene. A further project were extensive measures to educate about Menstruation in Kyrgyzstan, in collaboration with the children’s United Nations Fund (UNICEF), the Ministry of education teaching materials in Kyrgyz and Russian languages has been created for dealing with menstrual hygiene, which was distributed to all schools in the country. Children with disabilities received special Material in appropriate formats, such as Braille or audio format.


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