Lufthansa is land rights – Airline-rescue takes important hurdle

On Saturday morning, the US-American John Hopkins announced-University of, a total of 183.025 Infected in Germany, 8519 people in this country died as a result of a Covid-19-disease.

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Worldwide have been 5.941.992 infections with the Coronavirus registered, there is 365.252 Dead. The two countries with the most infections continue to be the USA, with more than 1.7 million cases (102.836 Dead) and Brazil, with almost 570.000 cases (27.878 Dead).

The most important messages to the Coronavirus at a Glance:

12.50 PM: Lufthansa is land rights – Airline-rescue takes important hurdle

After tough negotiations between Brussels and Berlin, the rescue package for the heavily damaged Lufthansa is a major hurdle. The Federal government and the EU Commission agreed on conditions for the capital injection, and the Lufthansa Executive Board agreed to in the night to Saturday. Accordingly, the largest German Airline would have to submit to your most important airports, Frankfurt and Munich Start – and landing rights to competitors. The agreement is only an interim step. The Supervisory Board and the shareholders need to advise, and the formal approval from Brussels is yet to come.

11:12 PM: Merkel: Will decide on next week’s economic program

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has announced a stimulus program of the Federal government, which relies on Innovation and sustainability. “In the next week, we will decide on an economic stimulus program to take to help the economy to recover and to grow,” said Merkel. “The art is to do it in a way that we give at the same time Innovation and sustainable business a boost, we are also future-oriented fields strong.”

The tips of the Grand coalition will meet on Tuesday in Berlin’s Chancellery to discuss the economic stimulus package to revive the economy in the Corona-crisis. The ideas of the CDU, CSU and SPD differ in some cases widely.

11:04: More people to celebrate in Göttingen with Coronavirus infected

In the case of some private parties have been infected in Göttingen, several people with the novel Coronavirus. The health Department announced for the city and County, are Concerned for the most part, members of different extended families. They come from Göttingen and the surrounding area. An exact number of the Infected was not initially called. The authority will now contact people from the environment of the Infected. “The number of people to be contacted is moved in the three-digit range,” it said. The contact persons are also 57 children and young people. The schools had already been informed.


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10.48 PM: Merkel to Corona-crisis: “We have saved us a lot”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has thanked the citizens for their prudence in the Corona-crisis. “We have passed this test so far is quite good. We, all together, an overwhelming majority of the people in our country, of caution, of reason and of responsibility for other conduct,” said the CDU politician in her weekly video message. “We have saved us a lot of. Our collective power is what has not happened with us, fortunately.”

9.51 PM : Spahn disappointed about the withdrawal of the USA from the WHO

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), has reacted with disappointment at the withdrawal of the USA from the world health organization (WHO). The US President Donald Trump on Friday announced the decision was a “disappointing setback for international health policy,” wrote Spahn on Twitter in German, English and French. At the same time, the Minister of the need for reform, admitted in the WHO.

9.44 am: More Corona-relaxations in Italy

Italy prepares for more easing in the Corona of a pandemic. As of Wednesday, the Italians may again freely from one Region to another travel. Currently there is no reasons why a ban on further maintain said health Minister Roberto Speranza after a Meeting with the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte “, the data of The observation of the numbers of cases are encouraging. The major victims during the Lockwdowns have brought these results.” 3. June may also have to EU citizens in Italy, then in quarantine.

9.28 PM: Merkel “was not traveling today,” to the G7 summit to Washington

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will not follow according to the current state of the invitation of US President Donald Trump to a personal participation in the G7 summit in June in Washington. The Chancellor thank you Trump for his invitation, said a spokesman for the Federal government. “As of today, can you, in view of the pandemic situation of your personal attendance, so a trip to Washington, not commitments.” Merkel will have the development of the Corona pandemic, but “more in view”, added the spokesman. Accordingly, the Chancellor led to a phone call with Trump.

8.03 PM: infectious medical: school without distance reasonable rules now

The re-introduction of school instruction without the clearance rules in the Corona, with the crisis in the view of the Kiel infection physician Helmut cher fuck just before the summer holidays

a good time. “The successful containment of the Virus makes this acceptable, and you can collect in the few weeks leading up to the holiday experiences in situations of risk countermeasures, and has the long holidays as a time safety buffer,” said fucking cher. “This is better than to start after the holidays without such testing phase of a new school year without the spacing rules and then may be in difficult situations.”

8.03 PM: study: risk of death after surgery in Corona-Infected increases

A Coronavirus infection increases to an international study found the risk of death for patients after an Operation. Prior to plan for interventions should therefore be excluded infection with Sars-CoV-2 as much as possible. The results were published by the research network CovidSurg Collaborative in The journal “The Lancet”. Was also part of the University hospital of Tübingen, the informed, in a communication about the investigation.

7.33 PM: economists fear hard times for the labour market

Economists from leading financial institutions fear a significant and sustained impact of the Corona-crisis on the labour market and the economy. “I’m expecting in may, a significant increase in unemployment from seasonally adjusted to 180,000,” said Katharina Utermöhl of the Alliance in a survey of the German press Agency. So that would be gone in just two months, 500,000 Jobs lost. “The overall positive development of the past five years on the labour market would then be erased,” said Utermöhl.

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7.04 PM: the number of detected Corona violations in some States the decline

The number of recorded violations of the Corona pad is in the first Federal States to decline. You’ll go back continuously, said Baden-württemberg’s Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU). At the same time, he appealed in view of the long Pentecost weekend to the population, the distance and the hygiene rules to be complied with. The danger posed by the Coronavirus was not banned.

The Ministry of the interior in North Rhine-Westphalia, there were already just over a week ago, such a messages: in the first weeks of the Corona pads 2000 to 2500 offences per week in the most populous state, registered, dropped their number at least 300.

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6:03 PM: first special flight with 200 other stranded Germans in China landed

With a first flight around 200 operating in China, representatives of the German economy or to members of the plugged-in by means of the Corona pandemic in Germany are landed on Saturday in Tianjin. In the Northern Chinese metropolis of most of the returnees depending on the destination in China – two weeks in quarantine before they can travel further. The Lufthansa Charter flight organised by the German chamber of Commerce in China in cooperation with the Embassy and the Chinese side.

0.45 PM: the Federal government and the EU Commission agree in the case of Lufthansa-rescue

The Federal government and the EU Commission have reached agreement in the negotiations on the multi-billion dollar state rescue package for the Lufthansa. Persons familiar with the issue confirmed to AFP in the night, a report of the “Handelsblatt”, according to which Lufthansa is to each of the four aircraft in Frankfurt and Munich give.

As Lufthansa announced on the night of the Saturday, agreed to the Board the pads on Friday already. Accordingly, the airline should deliver the machine together with the associated 24 takeoff and landing rights to competitors. According to the company, the so-called Slots to be awarded in a bidding process. In brief an extraordinary General meeting to be planned to the approval of the obtaining of the shareholders.

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