Insomnia due to refined carbohydrates?

Nearly one-third of adult suffers from sleep disorders. A new study by researchers at the Columbia University in New York suggests that, at least partially, the diet could be to blame: women after the Menopause had more problems while you Sleep if you took a lot of refined carbohydrates, processed with the addition of sugar, fat or salt on an industrial scale.

In the evaluation of Diet diaries of more than 50,000 women, researchers found that the risk for sleep disturbance was greater, the more refined carbohydrates contained in your diet. Conversely, women were sleeping better, which consumed a lot of vegetables and fruit. Study leader Prof. James gang wiper &quot explains:;All fruits contain sugar, but the contained dietary fiber slow down the absorption and prevent blood sugar spikes. The results suggest that the cause of the insomnia in women the heavily processed foods in the diet that contain large amounts of refined sugar."

Carbohydrates are not the same carbs

Because not all carbs are created equal: Various types and amounts of carbohydrates increase the blood sugar level in varying degrees. Highly refined carbohydrates like added sugars, white bread, white rice and soft drinks have the effect of a faster rise in blood sugar.

When the blood sugar increases quickly, the body’s Insulin so that the sugar can be absorbed by the body’s cells. The following drop in blood sugar can lead to the release of hormones such as adrenaline and Cortisol, which may interfere with sleep.

Since in most people the blood sugar increases after the consumption of refined carbohydrates quickly, suggest the authors, that the results apply only to women after the Menopause, but also for the General population.