Inflammation of the skin due to too much sugar and fat

Researchers at the University of California have found that a Western diet high in fat and sugar can lead to inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. In animal experiments, a diet sufficient conversion of just four weeks, in order to inflammation of the symptoms can cause.

Scientists had mice on a fat – and sugar-rich diet, which corresponds to the Western diet of the people changed. The led in the animals within four weeks of visible inflammation of the skin and Ohrschwellungen were compared to mice which a normal or fat diet. "An unhealthy diet affects not only your waist but also your Hautimmunität", the scientist, Zhenrui Shi, who had directed the study at the Institute for dermatology of the University of California concludes.

Previous studies had already shown that obesity is a risk factor for the development or worsening of psoriasis. That an unhealthy diet with a high intake of saturated fats and sugar and low in fiber, the risk for Obesity increased, is no secret. The researchers conclude from the results that a Western diet can trigger psoriasis before it comes to weight gain.