In the case of colorectal cancer, many could do without OP

A strategy from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, followed by Wait and Watch could make many of the patients with colorectal cancer, surgery is unnecessary. If later, the tumor growth shows, it can be operated without serious drawbacks still.

Doctors and scientists from Lisbon, and Amsterdam, reports in the journal Annals of Surgery that many patients with rectal cancer near the Anus, whose tumors were treated with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, within a period of two years, no new tumor growth occurred. At about a quarter of the patients arrived within this time, again to a tumor growth. Almost all of them were operated as originally planned, without having the Wait for the drawbacks.

More than half of the cases in which the cancer is near the Anus, need the patients after the Operation, a colostomy. Often radiation and chemotherapy as preparation for surgery to remove the tumor is necessary in order to reduce its size, if he penetrates may already be in the pool wall structures or other organs. Surgeons have been observed in such cases that you found during the Operation, no cancer tissue.

This has led to more and more clinics suggest that the patients in question, an alternative strategy from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and hesitant to Watch. Eight to ten weeks, to be carried out after Chemo-radio therapy, diagnostic Tests before the surgery is decided. If none of the studies found evidence for a Tumor, will be offered to the patients, the wait strategy with regular checks as an Alternative – in Lisbon, all patients decided.


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