Franz Beckenbauer suffered a eye infarction: What is it and how do you treat him?

The sports legend Franz Beckenbauer revealed on Friday celebrity guest at a Golf tournament, he could be seen on the right eye little to nothing more. The “image” reported. He had suffered an Eye stroke. But where it is actually doing?

A Eyes a heart attack is also called Sehsturz, is an acute circulatory disorder in the eye. Doctors call reduced blood flow generally ischemia. This occurs suddenly and in the eye, is of an “anterior ischemic Optikusneuoropathie” (in short: AION) the speech.

The fabric is similar to a heart attack or sudden deafness due to Vascular occlusion is no longer sufficient blood supply. In the case of an attack the skin of the optic nerve or the retina. One of the two is supplied below, there is a lack of nutrients and oxygen. The deficiency leads to a decrease in the visual acuity, the tissue can even die permanently.

Life-threatening, not, but, nevertheless, an emergency is infarction of an Eye, because it’s time is long to avoid damage such as blindness.

These are the signs of a eyes attack

Most patients with AION notice a sudden disturbance to vision. The vision is blurry often, you will notice black spots or shadows in the visual field. Externally, the eyes look normal. The deterioration in vision is also painless. In the case of a Sehsturz only one eye is almost always affected. Often the eye remains infarction also go unnoticed.

Depending on how strong the attack was, can not be made the vision complete. Often, it is ensured that the blood flow is normalized in the eye, and a swelling goes down. Patients need to take after a Sehsturz often medication, which keep the blood thin. This will not prevent further Attacks, only to the eye.

Sources: “BVA” (professional Association of German ophthalmologists), DOG (German ophthalmological society)

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