Corona Tests in Germany: In no other country In the laboratories were so ready

Germany is well-positioned in international comparison Tests for the novel Coronavirus well. This explains the virologist Christian Drosten in an Interview with the star. Reason for this is the “love of Technology in the diagnostics market”. This fact could be the decisive advantage in the fight against the Virus.

“We have a number of benefits that multiply. We have the best diagnostics in Europe”, says Christian Drosten, and adds: “This medicine labs can still build all of the self-a PCR Test, so this particular type of Test, if it gives you a good log, a recipe, and a few essential ingredients. We have done this in January already.” In no other country laboratories had, therefore, been as fast as in Germany. “We are estimated to be in the position to make Germany’s per week 120,000 to 150,000 PCR Tests.“

(The whole conversation can be read here.)


Virologist Christian Drosten: "I don’t think we will again in the foreseeable future football stadiums full machen"

The chief virologist of the Charité Christian Drosten has been in crisis to the most sought-after man in the Republic. We asked him: How Germany is set up? How drastically the limitations be? And he is afraid for his family?

Drosten noted that almost every well-founded suspicion of a case, get a Test. “We are the only country in the world where this is so.” In many countries you get no Test. The wailing that you had to wait three days to be a result, is therefore “incomprehensible”. His conclusion: “Who says the Situation is the same as in Italy, Spain or France, and has not understood, how powerful our diagnostics market. And how much time you gain by such a thing. We have at least two to three weeks ahead, and this is important.”

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