As in the eighth month, in The belly of a woman arches extremely, but pregnant she is not

A young woman of mystery symptoms home be liable to searched: you reported about abdominal pain and her belly is extremely rounded. Three weeks ago, the complaints stop now. Otherwise, it is well: you can eat normally, the bowel movement was normal, she reported to your doctor. She is pregnant? Nausea? Vomiting? All of this denies the young woman.

The physician – an experienced Internist – is a mystery: Where is all the air that is in the belly of the woman? With an ultrasonic device, he checks the organs of the patient. Liver, gall bladder, kidneys, uterus and urinary bladder look inconspicuous. Only the pancreas, he can not judge because of the amounts of air. The young woman must be in a hospital. But here, too, puzzles rates.

On the way home from practice, the physician has time to Think. He remembers a similar, longer the case. At the time, he had also examined a young woman with a round belly. However, the “bloat was pronounced” at that time less strong.

Both Complaints may have the same cause? The doctor is right: He can help the patient with a simple drug from the pharmacy. And the supposed “pregnancy” and disappears as quickly as it came.#

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