Anti baby pill only once in a month take?

Forgetfulness, travel, shift work: There are many reasons why women don’t make it sometimes, the contraceptive pill daily at the same time to take. A Team from Cambridge and Boston has now developed a tablet, the week-long in the stomach remains, and the active ingredient is slowly released. In the journal "Science Translational Medicine" they report about their successful Tests on pigs.

About half of all women, the contraception with the pill, forgets within three months, at least a taking. As a result, the probability of an unwanted pregnancy is, in spite of actually a safer method of contraception at nine percent per year. Scientists have now designed a highly modern contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once per month.

The advanced pill consists of an elastic core, on the six Arms of different materials hang. As the capsule is swallowed, unfolds the pill in the stomach, so that it reaches a size that you can’t leave the stomach. The Arms are loaded with the contraceptives and this is due to the different materials one after the other.

Pill is active ingredient and after

In comparison to the conventional anti-baby pill, the level of contraceptive to decrease in pigs after six hours began, the concentrations of the drug in the high-tech pill for up to 29 days high.

"Our capsule represents a big step forward, because it gives women a contraceptive that must be taken only once in a month. For many, this may be hard to believe. Our preclinical data encourage us, however, this Weg", Dr. Giovanni Traverso, from the Brigham and Women&rsquo said;s Hospital in Boston.

Now, the researchers are working on this, the pill for the people to adapt. In the next steps, manufacturing processes, and safety reviews carried out optimized.