A Look Inside The Fridge Of A Pro Netballer

Stuck for meal ideas? The Super Netballer finals are upon us, and to celebrate, Collingwood Magpies player Kim Ravaillion, who knows more than a thing or two about eating well for max fitness and energy, shares with us her day on a plate, to give you some foodspo. Oh, and then take a peek at what’s in her fridge.

Breakfast:bowl of porridge or bran cereal with a banana and drizzled honey. I also usually also take fish oil and a spoon of apple cider vinegar.

Snack: A green smoothie, usually with matcha powder, 1 banana, coconut water, ice and berries OR IsoWhey Wholefoods Brown Rice Protein Balls, which are great when I’m travelling and on the run.

Lunch: Either a grilled chicken salad OR poached eggs on multi-grain toast with a side of avo and mushrooms OR an omelette with ham, cheese, mushrooms, capsicum and onion. I’m also a fan of a good acai bowl. I really enjoy drinking kombucha (ginger and lemon flavour).

Post-workout go-to: I take IsoWhey Sports Refuel & Rebuild after each gym session. 

Dinner: Either salmon with a tabouli salad OR roast chicken with a slaw salad OR steak with sweet potato and broccolini.

What’s in Kim’s fridge?
> Kombucha
> Milk
> All the vegies
> Fruit
> Eggs
> Vegemite
> Peanut butter

And her freezer? 
> Chicken
> Salmon
> Berries
> Ice-cream

Chicken Salad Preppin ??

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Kim’s food philosophies:
Make sure you enjoy what you’re eating because food is life!
Don’t starve yourself or eat something you dislike just because it’s ‘healthy’ – you need to enjoy your food.
Add a lot of colour to your plate.
> Also have a protein, carbs and vegies all salad on your plate.

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