Cervical Cancer Survivor Erin Andrews Urges Women to Check In with Their Doctor: 'Stop with the Excuses'

Cervical cancer survivor Erin Andrews is taking a stand.

Recently partnering with Hologic, an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment, the sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars host is urging all women to be proactive.

“For me and family, we were just very shocked. We knew the reaction was going to be powerful but we didn’t know the stats involved with cervical cancer. Every two hours a woman dies of cervical cancer. When myself, my family, my husband saw that we just had no idea that this was as big of a problem as it is. People aren’t really discussing these numbers and stats.”

Adding, “I’m out there to encourage women to get to your doctor and go get checked. Cervical cancer is preventable and treatable but our goal is to get women to their doctors. Women shouldn’t be dying of this. Another thing is, every woman is very busy. And we all like to use that as a crutch, but we’ve got to stop with the excuses you have to put it in your calendar and you have to go.”

In 2016, Andrews received some unexpected and troublesome news – she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

“It didn’t sit well,” she says. “I was sitting in the middle of a conference room with all my coworkers and I was prepping for a game that was going to be one of our biggest games of the season. I left the conference room in tears and all of my coworkers saw me. I called my mom and dad and my husband at the same time and said we need to talk. We looked at my schedule to see when we could fit in surgery in between Dancing with the Stars and my football game.”

Andrews eventually underwent surgery 17 days after her diagnosis, and told her doctor that she had to be back to health in time to cover that Sunday’s football game.

“I was stressed out beyond belief,” she says. “I was a wreck, but everybody deals with stress. It could’ve been a lot worse for me, and thankfully, I went to the doctor. We caught it early.”

Now, a year and a half after her successful surgery, Andrews is happily married and still rocking the football field sidelines and the Dancing with the Stars ballroom.

And come June 24, Andrews and husband Jarret Stoll will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

“We joke but it’s true, we don’t really see each other very much,” Andrews say of her first year of marriage to Stoll. “I highly suggest it. It’s awesome. It’s my offseason time and the time that I’m available and can make dinner. My husband is working really hard right now so I have to take care of him now but it’s nice to have a break!”

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