Zoe Foster Blake Shares Her Favourite Brow Pencil

There isn’t a makeup trend that has taken off in recent years quite like the universal desire for thick brows. And if theres one beauty expert that is a bushy brow advocate, its Zoe Foster Blake.

So, when the author and local beauty queen shared her Holy Grail brow pencil on her Instagram recently, we thought it nothing less than our duty to share her go-to product. 

According to Zoe, “the latest brow product to thieve my cold, miserable heart” is Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Praising the pencil, Zoe says, “I like the angled top, the blendable texture, the speed of application and the laziness it permits.”

When it comes to all the qualities you want in a brow pencil, it seems as though Zoe’s top pick checks every box.

This article originally appeared on Beauty Crew

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