Standardizing nurse call and staff locating to improve outcomes

Driving efficiency in care team workflows is hard enough at a single facility. For the Integris Health System, they faced the even tougher challenge of instituting process change across an entire health system. Specifically, Integris harnessed the power of standardizing their nurse call and staff locating system configurations across multiple facilities. They also automated the purposeful rounding workflow to drive a better patient experience.

In this podcast, Jennifer Jones, CNIO at Integris, walks through the unique process her team took in rolling out this configuration to multiple facilities, how they overcame the inherent obstacles, and ultimately how it helped benefit Integris caregivers and patients by simply optimizing the technology they already owned.

Talking Points:

  • Learn from a CNIO peer on how her teams overcame inherent challenges in implementing technology standardization across an entire health system.
  • Recognize how you can better utilize the care communications technology you may already have today, such as your nurse call system or locating system, to drive better care team workflows.
  • Integris has seen immediate gains in Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores and falls metrics, which these technology standardizations could have impacted. Identify steps you can take today to start your standardization journey at an enterprise level to help drive at the same.

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