Sharon Farsijani Turns Her Memoir Into a Fragrance Brand

Through her experiences immigrating from Iran to Brooklyn and then back to Iran as a teenager, Sharon Farsijani has always used scent as a way to overcome her hardships.Now the author and former journalist is adding two permanent fragrance collections to her custom fragrance business, Desert35, that serve as an extension of her upcoming memoir, “Shaming My Red Lips.”“The memoir for me was the basis of launching the custom platform for fragrances because I wanted an outlet for self-expression,” she said. “When I finished the book I wanted to express myself more vividly and I had always been a fragrance girl, but I never thought this would be a business that I could walk into.”The book depicts Farsijani’s road to self-discovery, chronicling how she went through a loss of identity when she was stripped of the freedoms she enjoyed in the U.S. when she moved back to Iran at 17 years of age. She describes how all of her setbacks and hardships, like being fired from her reporting job because she didn’t adhere to Islamic law in her personal life, ultimately shaped her identity, which she has used as inspiration behind her new fragrance collections.After meeting with fragrance executives and manufacturers, Farsijani launched Desert35 as a custom fragrance business for weddings, birthdays and other events. Now she is releasing two permanent collections, The Poppy Collection, which includes four 10-ml. scents, and Unrestricted in the Now, which is one 50-ml. scent, at two Macy’s doors and on Amazon.“I know all fragrances tell a story, but these fragrances tell a story based off of real challenges that I think me and many females go through,” she continued. “It’s really a survival story.”The four fragrance Poppy collection includes Feminine & Simple, which is formulated with iris, orange blossom and jasmine; Feminine & Spicy, which includes notes of plum, white flowers and sandalwood; Feminine & Confident, which includes notes of coffee, pink pepper and orange blossom, and Feminine & Fearless, which includes notes of black currant and Brazilian rosewood. Each 10-ml. bottle retails for $28 and a set of all four retails for $95. Unrestricted in the Now is blended with notes of Madagascan vanilla and mandarin and retails for $115.Both collections launched in-store at Macy’s Galleria in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on June 3 and will enter the retailer’s flagship in Herald Square on Aug. 1. The scents will also be available on the brand’s e-commerce site on June 11 and Amazon on June 14. Farsijani’s memoir is also in production to be turned into a movie.

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