“Really alarming”: the children of Germany are contaminated with plasticizers

Almost all children and adolescents a study of the ingredients of the plastic has been demonstrated in the body. Therefore, the urine were evaluated in samples of 2500 study participants between three and 17 years of age. In almost all the samples, residues of plastic content substances had been found, in particular from plasticizers.

The “mirror” reported on Friday in advance of a reference to an investigation by the Federal Environment Agency and of the Robert-Koch-Institute.

The study is quoted stands, according to the report, in a response to the Federal government on a Green-request to burden the population with chemistry back. The study showed “clearly that the plastic ingredients with the increasing production also occur increasingly in the body,” said co-author Marike Colossa-Gehring from the Federal environment Agency, the magazine.

Were examined according to the “SpiegelË 15 different substances. For some, no health exist critical limits, for two other applicable limits have been exceeded.

Young children are the most affected

Colossa-Gehrings, according to the youngest children in the study were most affected. It was “really worrying”, because the most Recent are also the most sensitive group.

The Green environmental politician, Bettina Hoffmann said the “mirror”, it was too little explored, “how many of the substances in your amount to our body”. Of concern in the study discovered high levels of PERFLUORO octanoic acid (PFOA) were. At 20 percent of the Examined were according to the “mirror” above the limit, in the case of younger children the rate was even higher.

Long-term damage is not excluded

“It can’t be that every fourth child is charged between three and five years, with the chemistry that the long-term damages cannot be ruled out with certainty,” said Hoffmann. PFOA, for example, is used for outdoor clothing. According to the Federal environment Agency, the substance is harmful to the reproductive system and acts in a liver-toxic. In textiles, he is banned from next year across the EU.

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