Letter from the Editor: Sun, sea, and seagulls

In Brighton, United Kingdom — home to Medical News Today‘s editorial office — and in other seaside towns and cities across the country, seagulls are a divisive breed.

They steal food from unsuspecting victims, they rummage through trash bags, and, worst of all, it’s not uncommon to have one poop on your head.

But, despite their uncouth mannerisms, there is a certain charm about them, and summer at the seaside simply wouldn’t be the same without their piercing calls.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone in the MNT office agrees, with one editor stating that the one thing she hates about summer in the U.K. is the “increased risk of getting pooped on by seagulls.”

But what things do the MNT editorial team enjoy about British summertime? Light evenings, beer gardens, and Pimms made the list, as did beach days, and, if we’re lucky, sunny weather.

Honor Whiteman, Managing Editor

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