How to find out your own blood group and why this is important

Through the study by an international team of researchers, in the 'The New England Journal of Medicine' was published, it is known that people with blood group A have a nearly 50 percent higher risk for a severe course of Infection of the Coronavirus.

The blood group A is, in Germany, the most common blood group. People with blood group 0 according to the study, approximately a 50 percent lower risk for a serious Covid-19-disease. Do You Know Your Blood Group? Who still has his mother’s passport, or to donate blood, should affirm the question. However, many do not know, whether you are A positive, 0 negative, or maybe you’re a small minority – AB negative. For these reasons, it is important to know his blood group.

Which blood groups are there?

AB, A, B and 0 are the best known. These are specified in combination with the rhesus factor can be positive or negative. The bottom line is that there are eight variants. Most people in Germany are, according to the blood donation services of the German Red cross (DRK) A positive (approximately 37 percent) 0 positive (around 35 percent), and least often the combination of AB negative (about 1 per cent, is represented).ABO and Rhesus are the only 2 among many blood group systems. Another, which is, for example, the German red cross blood donor cards, the Kell System (Kell-positive or Kell-negative).

Where are the information on the blood group?

In addition to the blood donation card, you get a couple of weeks after his first donation sent to you, you will find the pass in the Mother. From these two Statements apart, there are no papers that documented the blood group, explains the professional Association of laboratory physicians. Doctors can fill in when needed in the vaccination card, blood group. It is not found there, by default.

What tests the doctor is with blood?

In the vast majority of the laboratory tests, the blood group is irrelevant, says the trade Association. Therefore, you will not given on the Findings in the rule. In the case of studies designed specifically to blood group that looks different, of course.

Basically, by the way: The blood group must confirm a doctor’s hand with a signature. This is, for example, in the case of automated Print out for the patient is not possible, in which the main values of the laboratory analysis are summarized.

It is the emergency of advantage to know his blood group?

No. Because it is determined prior to surgery or in case of emergency, basically, once again. The lasts according to the laboratory doctors around 45 minutes.What if someone needs immediately blood? Then get the one up, the blood group is determined, canned food with blood group 0 negative – this Universal donation of blood can be given.

What uses the Knowledge of the blood group?

Sought-after, but with only around six percent share in the German population is quite rarely represented, according to the donor with blood group 0 negative, explain to the DRK blood donation services. They are also the only ones who tolerate only their own blood-group – who knows, therefore, that he has group blood donations with that in mind, maybe more. Because you have to rely in some cases on blood of the group 0 negative. Blood of group AB was, however, in the case of Plasma donations, sought-after, because it could be any recipient transfused.


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