High blood pressure: New ‘game-changer’ treatment could see you stop taking pills – doctor

Dr Manesh Saxena explains new blood pressure injection

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As high blood pressure can be life-threatening by boosting your risk of a heart attack and a stroke, it’s important to keep your levels in check. However, many struggle with taking the daily pills. Now, an undergoing trial could see your medication swapped by a six-monthly injection, with the trial’s lead clinical director saying it could be game-changing.

Currently, people with high blood pressure typically take pills once a day to control the condition.

But this could soon change if the trial is successful.

Dr Manesh Saxena, the lead clinical director for the trial, said: “We need to wait for the results from the ongoing studies but a very similar medication called inclisiran has been very successful in patients with high cholesterol levels.

“This study is using a drug called Zilebesiran which will be used in patients to treat their high blood pressure.”

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