Celebrities Who Have Gotten Real About Going Through Menopause

Menopause. It’s something all women and people who were assigned female at birth (AFAB) go through eventually, yet this season of life is still shrouded in mystery and shame. Luckily, the stigmas around menopause are dissolving — and that’s in large part because of celebrities and public figures who’ve shared their personal stories.

Mayo Clinic defines menopause as the end of a person’s menstrual cycles. It is typically diagnosed after 12 months without a menstrual period. That transitional phase is called perimenopause. Menopause can occur in your 40s or 50s, but the average age in the United States is 51. It’s associated with a host of uncomfortable symptoms, from hot flashes to vaginal dryness to sleep issues. Some people opt to undergo hormone therapy, or HT, to ease the severity of their symptoms.

It bears repeating: Menopause is something that impacts every person with ovaries. It should not be a taboo topic.

Since it affects women and AFAB people, menopause is historically under-discussed and under-studied. But candid conversations about reproductive health are becoming more commonplace, leading a growing number of women to speak out about their menopause journeys and advocate for better care for people going through it.

Menopause does indicate the end of a person’s reproductive years, but it says nothing about their spark or vitality. Below, read up on sage advice, sharp insight, and personal anecdotes from six celebrities who’ve experienced menopause firsthand.

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