Arjun Rajyagor: The entrepreneur setting up a medicinal cannabis company to save his mum

Bill Turnbull discusses benefits of medicinal cannabis

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What would you do to save your mum? Most people would do anything to save the woman who brought them into this world; they would go to the ends of the earth. Arjun Rajyagor, winner of Junior Apprentice, set up SANA Healthcare. The entrepreneur has been talking to about why he entered the medicinal cannabis space.

Rajyagor says the raison d’etre behind SANA Healthcare is medicinal cannabis importation and distribution.

The reason why Rajyagor has entered medicinal cannabis specifically is because of a personal affiliation.

Fifteen years ago his mother was in a car accident, slipped a disk and developed a degenerative disorder where her disk completely disintegrated.

Rajyagor explained further: “She ended up having surgery where they bolt two of your vertebrae together to counteract the missing disc. She ended up having complications resulting in 15 corrective surgeries over a period of three years which has resulted in my mum being bedridden for the past 12/13 years and on opioids every day.”

A decade and a half of opioid use has taken its toll.

Rajyagor said: “I’ve seen her taking [opioids] for the last 15 years and seen who she’s become because of it and how it has changed who she was as a person.

“She was pivotal to all of our worlds, and it got taken away from her in the drop of a hat.”

It wasn’t until his mother started taking CBD, one of the 148 cannabinoids making up the cannabis plant, that things began to change.

Rajyagor says the CBD “completely changed her. She’s taking less medication and generally feeling better overall”.

As a result of cannabis, Rajyagor mother’s life has been improved.

This, the improvements for patients, is why so many people are moving into and pushing for greater reform in the availability of medicinal cannabis in the UK.

It is seen by many as a plant that has the potential to help so many patients who are suffering as current medications are ineffective.

More people are beginning to see the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis too, and businesses are reacting.

Construction has begun on a new medicinal cannabis manufacturing facility in Kent.

£75million is being invested by Jazz Pharmaceuticals in a plant that will support the company’s production of medicinal cannabis.

Conservative Minister George Freeman said the plant “is a sign of UK expertise in cannabinoid science and medicines serving the UK and beyond”.

Representative for Jazz Pharmaceuticals Christopher Tovey added: “This strategic investment will help us bring potentially life-changing medicines to more patients who desperately need them in the UK and around the world.”

The point made by both Tovey and Rajyagor is the impact medicinal cannabis medications can have; they can be life-changing for patients and their families.

Any opportunity that can be taken to widen the arsenal of help at the disposal of healthcare systems is one many argue should be taken with great vigour and enthusiasm.
For many campaigning for medicinal cannabis reform is about one thing, helping others to ease their suffering; whether that of their family or somebody else’s.

Rayjagor says: “That’s why I do what I do.”

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