Anna Faris Opens Up About Her Journey To Body Acceptance

You’d think a major Hollywood celebrity would have no qualms with their appearance. But to say Anna Faris’ journey to body acceptance has been a long road would be an understatement.

In her new memoir Unqualified, the actress has opened up about her life-long struggle to overcome her insecurities.     

“Even if I’m in hot pants and my hair and makeup are done and I’m playing a character who feels hot, I just can’t embrace it,” she confides.

“I think you have to take yourself really seriously to identify as hot and to this day I have too much wrapped in the idea of being the incredibly insecure 15-year-old [girl] who nobody wants to hook up with.”

In one chapter, the 40-year-old goes so far as to rank her biggest hang-ups. Her top four? Her lips, breasts, weight and hands.

“Yes, it’s sad that I can cite a list, and that I can guarantee that all women have these lists,” she says.

And while she admits she regrets having lip injections while filming The House Bunny back in 2008, it was her breast augmentation surgery that gave her back her confidence.  

“I wanted to feel sexy in a way that I hadn’t been feeling, and I’ll be honest, after getting the surgery, I did,” she confesses.

“It does bother me that women are very much criticised by other women for these kinds of choices. They are, admittedly, dramatic ones – luxurious, even frivolous, decisions… But I don’t know why we’re quite so hard on each other about it.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the mum of one explained that she wanted to share her story to give hope to others who are struggling to find their place in the world.

“I hope people read it and they think, ‘Oh – she’s like me!’” she told the publication.

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