AMA and Google join forces to offer $50,000 in interoperability contest

The American Medical Association and Google have launched the AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge, looking for new ideas about the ways wearable devices and apps can be more effectively monitored and the data shared. 

AMA is looking for new projects that show how patient-generated health data can be captured by mobile monitoring devices, transferred to medical practices and rendered into "accessible and actionable" data that physician and patient can use toward better outcomes.

Contestants should be able to demonstrate how to import or transfer PGHD from a mobile device or mobile app into "one or more phases of clinical care," such as assessment of current condition, risk stratification, goal definition (for both doctor and patient), treatment plan, intervention, recording of observed outcomes or re-assessment, according to AMA officials.

Entries should also be able to extract or transfer data and send it back into a mobile app or device so patients can view, track and act upon the data relative to their goals, or share it with other physicians.

The three best ideas that are submitted by June 7, 2018, will be selected to share $50,000 in credits for Google Cloud. 

"The AMA is working to unleash a new era of patient care through its Integrated Health Model Initiative by pioneering a common data model for organizing and sharing meaningful health data like patient goal, state and functioning, and assembling a collaborative effort across healthcare and technology stakeholders," said AMA President David Barbe, MD.

Learn more about the challenge here

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