6 Surprising Health Benefits of Tofu

Let’s be honest often when someone says they like tofu they are often lying. But I swear on my next taco I love tofu and after reading this you will have six more reasons to give it a go!

Before we begin there is a lot of confusion around what tofu actually is. Tofu is made up of the bean curd of soybeans. It is made in a similar way to the way dairy cheeses are traditionally made which is why it is often referred to as tofu cheese.

Cholesterol Sponge

Tofu’s spongy texture isn’t all for show, not only is tofu low in cholesterol but it can help reduce your cholesterol levels. As part of the digestion process it absorbs oil and other foods that can cause disease.

Iron Woman

Yes you are our next superhero and you’ll want to add tofu to your breakfast. In 100g of tofu you will get up to 30% of your daily iron requirements @1.

Veggie delight

It’s time to fall in love tofu is one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein. Tofu and other soy products like tempeh are an essential for any vegetarian or vegan diet. 


Tofu is rich in both potassium and calcium two minerals that are great for bone health and also for preventing osteoporosis.

Snack-a-holics dream

Always on the hunt for a nibbley? Look no further than your new found friend. Tofu is packed with protein so will keep you full for longer but is also low in kilojoules – the ultimate all rounder and perfectly balance snack.

Rapunzel’s necessity

Spoiler alert, we now know the secret to Rapunzel’s those luscious locks… Tofu is packed with protein, and loaded with a specific variety called keratin, which helps promote hair growth. 

So next time your looking for recipe inspo don’t shy away from good ol’ tofu or get the pros to season your taste buds. A WH fave at the moment is Mad Mex’s Veggie Rancheros with Organic Tofu.

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