When I masturbate I always have to pee afterwards, and sometimes when I pee after it can be a little painful and burn a little. Is this normal?

Thanks for your question. Whenever someone has pain when they pee (or void) it’s a good idea to see a health care provider to check for things such as infections, whether a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or urinary tract infection (UTI). It’s especially important to see a health care provider if:

  • You are having any abnormal discharge from your penis
  • You have pain when you pee at other times
  • You are having fevers
  • Irritation to your urethra from masturbation.
    • The tube that carries urine and sperm to the end of your penis is called your urethra. Sometimes the friction from masturbation can cause some local irritation of your urethra, and ultimately pain.
    • People use all sorts of lubricants or moisturizers when they masturbate. Sometimes some of that lubricant can get into your urethra and cause pain when you pee. You can try using a different lubricant or gentle moisturizer and see if that helps.
    • Sometimes a sex toy someone uses during masturbation can irritate the urethra which causes pain. Try using a different sex toy.

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