Tweezerman Taps Gita Bass, Angela Caglia

Tweezerman has signed two brand ambassadors to help promote its expanding beauty tools business to consumers on social media — celebrity facialist Angela Caglia and celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass.Bass has been named brow and lash ambassador, and Caglia has been named skin-care ambassador. Neither has massive social media followings, but they were chosen for their expertise and A-list clientele, said Tweezerman chief executive officer Juergen Bosse. Bass does makeup for the likes of Emmy Rossum, Sarah Paulson and Tina Fey. Caglia is the longtime facialist of Minnie Driver and Helena Christensen.Tweezerman has significantly ramped up its product offering in the past year, expanding its range of eyelash curlers and skin-care tools to include trend-driven products such as the Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner, $30, and the Clear Complexion Brush, $16.”We’re 30 years in the market , but brand awareness is quite low,” said Bosse. “That’s one of the key things we have to work on, is for more people to know the brand. We know most consumers, the evidence and feedback says whenever they try it, they love it.”

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