Too Faced Gave Its Better Than Sex Mascara This Limited-Edition Birthday Makeover

Too Faced is celebrating its twentieth birthday this year, and with the brand's inclination for everything pink, flashy, and over-the-top, it's going big on glitter and nostalgia for the milestone. And also: birthday sex!

It's true: The brand is releasing a limited anniversary edition of its famous Better Than Sex Mascara, which is the most-pinned, top-selling prestige mascara in the U.S., appropriately named Better Than Birthday Sex. The good news: Neither the wand nor the formula is changing, so it'll still give you the dark, thick, fluttery lashes it's beloved for. The better news: the collectors'-item packaging features its same pale pink color but looks like it's been rolled in a tub of glitter.

Aside from that b-day treat, the brand is also bringing back some of its original products with modern formulas and packaging. The collection's biggest drop is the Then and Now Eyeshadow Palette. The packaging is a light pink case embossed with both Too Faced's original branding (it's very nineties), and the present's swirly glam font.

The palette pulls from the 10 original eye shadows that the brand launched with, in 1998, alongside 10 new iterations that were given a modern twist. The original set reads very Spice Girls, in the best possible way. Think sparkly pinks, silvers, purples, browns, and golds. And if you've opened a Too Faced palette over the past 10 years, you'll probably recognize the brand's signature sparkly lavender. In the bottom row, the 2018 half of the palette incorporates a few mattes, alongside the OG glitters rendered in Instagram's favorite foiled, high-shine tones. Too Faced has had fun with scent-themed collections recently, and this new palette joins its Peach, Chocolate, and Cocoa lines with a birthday-cake-scented flavor.

Lip-wise, Too Faced is launching 10 Metallic Sparkle Lipsticks. Eight of those callback to the brand's 1998 launch, which means they're high-shine, glitter-infused shades of ruby, blue, gold, copper, crimson, fuchsia, purple, and turquoise. Two new colors join the bunch, a metallic taupe with a dark gold, glittered tube, and a sparkly, fluorescent pink that's very Glam Barbie. Lipstick in the nineties was notorious for its chalky finish, so the archived lipsticks' ingredients got a zhuzh with the addition of avocado oil to moisturize and smooth things out. Scroll on for a glimpse at the new products to come, all of which are hitting Sephora shelves today.

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