Justine Skye Kicks Off Educational Beauty Platform Metix

Justine Skye makes up a team of cofounders looking to muscle their way into the beauty space with a new proposition: education.Skye — né Justine Skyers — on Tuesday launches Metix, an online platform that will house a catalogue of beauty-related courses from celebrity makeup and hair artists and other influencers. A launch party is slated for Tuesday evening at the Hotel Bel-Air.Metix rolls out with a course from Joyce Bonelli, best known as makeup artist to the Kardashians. The company will continue to roll out new classes each month.“Being an artist and being that I’m always getting glam done, I notice that a lot of people ask what are the products I use…and just wanting to know more about it,” Skye said. “Metix is the perfect place for it. It’s all about beauty education.”The Roc Nation recording artist went on to explain that Metix allows consumers to bypass the need to shell out hundreds of dollars to fly somewhere to attend a master class.“This is all at your fingertips. Your computer,” she said. “Once you buy into whichever master class you choose, you have it forever to look back and retrace your steps.”Metix is charging $29.99 per class, with each class containing 28 episodes.The company’s name, a play off the word cosmetics, will eventually be built out to have a comprehensive offering of lessons.“What we cover is a 360 for beauty, so we’re not only covering makeup, but we’re also launching classes in hair, skin care and other b2b techniques,” said Jamie Harris, another member of the cofounding team, which also includes Jenna Harris.Metix looks to ride on a trend that’s been playing out in more recent years with the rise of beauty, whether that be emerging indie brands or big pushes at retail. Metix seeks to make waves with a digital platform that takes the whole idea of instructional videos on YouTube or pricey classes in real life a step further by providing access to professionals at a fraction of the price.“What’s so interesting about the beauty category is there’s an accessibility to it,” Harris said. “If someone is walking down the red carpet at the Met Gala, that could be a custom gown, whereas what we’re finding with beauty, a lipstick may cost $30 so that you may feel like you’re replicating that look directly. That’s the trend that we’re tapping into. I think that’s what’s driven huge growth in the beauty industry.”

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