Farsali's Brand-New Jelly Beam Highlighters Are Finally Available

UPDATE (June 16, 2018): Now, nearly a month after the announcement of the impending expansion of the Jelly Beam shade range, you can finally snag the two new shades to get your own summer glow on, as Farsali has just made them available to buy at Sephora. In case you need a refresher, joining the original Glazed is Glow Up, a champagne pink, and Rose Goals, an aptly-named rose gold shade. All three of the Jelly Beam highlighters have a shimmer finish that'll leave you shining.

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Check out all three on Sephora's website. They're each $40.

Instagram-favorite brand Farsali is about to launch even more ways to make your skin glow brighter than ever. Last year, it debuted the beloved Jelly Beam Highlighter in an innovative gel formula. Days after launching, it completely sold out (and spawned dupes from Zoeva Cosmetics, Nuest Cosmetics, and even Almay). Now, Farsali is about to expand its Jelly Beam shade range with two brand-new twinkling hues, and Allure got all the exclusive details on them.

Glow Up and Rose Goals are joining Glazed, a shimmering champagne that Sal Ali, CEO and founder of Farsali, tells Allure is "the perfect neutral for everyone." In the jar, Glow Up looks like a standard peachy-pink highlighter. However, once you blend it onto your skin, you'll notice that it's flecked with magenta glitter. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that addition, but it's so fine that you can't see it unless you look at the highlighter up close. From far away, the pink glitter gives the highlighter a more dimensional, intense glow. Or as Ali puts it, "When the light hits it just right, it brings some fun to the table." You can see it on me below.

Rose Goals is similarly surprising, too. The shade is a bit deeper than usual rose gold highlighters. It has bronzy tones that make it look stunning on deeper skin tones. However, Ali notes that it's suited for all complexions. "Rose Goals is the perfect amount of rose and gold, wearable for everyone," he explains. "It's that tone that your skin gets when it's golden hour — everyone's favorite time of day to take a selfie." Swedish model Emma Hallberg, who often goes viral on Instagram for her golden glow, would definitely agree.

"My goal was to create shades that are wearable for every day, no matter what the occasion," Ali says. "I know my wife [beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai] has three moods when it comes to her highlight: pink, golden, and neutral. So I created the two new shades to complete the moods." Glow Up fulfills the pink mood, Rose Goals is the golden moment, and Glazed is the neutral one.

The formula is exactly the same as Glazed. You can expect the Jello-like texture to give skin the wet glow of a liquid highlighter but the lasting finish and intensity of a powder one. That was completely intentional. Ali says he decided to create Jelly Beam after noticing his wife's extensive, three-step highlighter routine. "She would start with a liquid or cream highlighter, but the problem is that liquid/cream doesn't set into place," he says. "So then she would set with a powder highlight, but the problem is that powder looks dry. Finally, she would finish off with a setting spray, which gave her that wet-looking highlight." Because all that seemed like a lot of effort to Ali, he ventured to make her life a little easier with a highlighter that applies like a gel and sets like a powder, as well as hydrates skin with moisturizing ingredients like seaweed extract and sodium hyaluronate. "It gives you that wet satin beaming finish while keeping your skin hydrated at the same time," he says.

Because the gel is so concentrated, all you need to do is lightly tap the gel with a finger, and both of your cheekbones will be bathed in just the right amount of illumination. It's that pigmented. Ali recommends working on one area of your face at a time, though, because the highlighter sets quickly. Although it's amazing on its own, Ali suggests combining it with another shade to create your own custom hue or trying a bit of layering with it. "If you're someone that believes that there is no such thing as too much highlight, you can add a powder highlight right on top of Jelly Beam, and it'll intensify the powder highlight into a strong, beaming finish," he says.

The texture also allows you to easily combine it with a matte liquid foundation to instantly turn it into a luminous one and give your skin an all-over radiance without making your face look too dewy. You can even take the Jelly Beam one step forward and mix it together with a body oil or the Rose Gold Elixer to create a quick body shimmer a la Body Lava. Phew, this stuff is versatile.

Starting June 4, you'll be able to shop the new Farsali Jelly Beam Highlighter shades for $40 each on farsali.com, and start experimenting with all the ways to use the fresh, fun hues.

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