5 Makeup Looks From K-Pop Star Sunmi’s New Music Video for "Siren" You’ll Want to Recreate ASAP

Before Sunmi even appears in her new music video for “Siren,” a desk completely covered in Dior makeup does. This beauty product-filled scene is a major hint that the K-pop star — who happens to be a face for the brand in Korea — fills the next three minutes and 42 seconds with look after look after look.

For about a week before today’s release of “Siren,” Sunmi gave her fans a sneak peek at the music video’s fanciful, glittery makeup in the teasers on social media. However, seeing the looks in action solidified just how stunning they are. Each and every rhinestone- and sequin-covered beauty moment fits the mythical, siren-inspired concept to a T. At one point, Sunmi transforms into a real-life mermaid, complete with prismatic scales.

You can check out the top five best makeup moments from Sunmi’s brand-new music video for “Siren” all in one convenient place below. By the time you get to the end of the list, I daresay you’ll want to try one (if not all) of these looks.

1. Glittery Winged Shadow

Sunmi’s main look for “Siren” is a golden smoky eye with glitter tapped on the outer corners in a winged shape, plus a candy-apple red lipstick to round out the look. Fitting the theme, she looks like an Old Hollywood silver-screen siren.

My favorite parts of the glitzy look are in the subtle details, though. The shimmer is so subtly brushed through her brows that you could miss it until the light hits her face. Lines are also flicked from the outer corners of her lower lids to create a double-winged effect. Did you catch that, too?

2. Bejeweled Tear

As Sunmi’s siren clone climbs out of the bathtub, you’ll spot a blue teardrop-shaped rhinestone on her cheek. You can easily recreate this look at home with a flat-backed crystal and lash glue.

The same bright red lipstick was also swiped on for this look. The only difference is her cupid’s bow was emphasized with dramatic, harlequin-like points.

3. Siren Sunmi

When I saw the mermaid makeup in the teasers Sunmi posted, I had my fingers crossed that it would be featured in the music video. Luckily, a whole scene was devoted to the look, and it was even better than I was expecting. Sunmi morphed into the mermaid with the help of scale-like sequins on her hands, arms, and temples, as well as shimmery lilac eye shadow. I have a strong feeling that Gun Hee, her makeup artist, may have blended Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Sea Siren all over the singer’s lids to fully commit to the concept. A holographic gloss, such as the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Galaxy Lumiere Holographic Lip Gloss, seems to have been added to her lips, too.

4. Burgundy Lipstick

If Sunmi were invited to the 2018 Met Gala, I’m convinced this is what she would have shown up in — the medieval vibes of the gold crown and accompanying gilded chainmail outfit give her the vibe of someone who stepped out of the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit. With all the gold happening, her makeup was scaled down to luminous yet matte skin, low-key brown mascara, and deep brick red lipstick. My educated guess is Dior’s Rouge Dior Liquid in Dressed To Matte was used on Sunmi’s lips. It’s my favorite shade from the line, so I swiped it on to compare. My theory seems to check out.

5. Blue Winged Liner

For one of “Siren”‘s choreography scenes, Sunmi has a sky-blue liner stacked on top of her blue cat eyes. Continuing with the Dior Makeup lineup, the Diorshow On Stage Liquid Eyeliner in Matte Blue was most likely drawn onto Sunmi’s lids. To complement the blue accents, a fuchsia lipstick was painted onto Sunmi’s lips.

You can catch all five beauty moments from “Siren” below.

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