What’s behind it, if it tweaks and presses

Time, it hurts right above, left below, sometimes it feels pungent, oppressive, and usually pretty uncomfortable. Pretty much everyone knows the feeling when it pinches in the belly or pinches. But why do you get abdominal pain, can be due to many reasons.

The question for many: when should I go to the doctor?

“It depends on the severity and type of pain and if you suffer from other diseases,” says Martina Kadmon, a senior physician at the surgical clinic of the University of Heidelberg. One suffers, for example, cardiac arrhythmia or you have ever had a stomach ulcer, it is more likely that a serious illness is behind it, as if it was previously healthy.

“Just a slight stomach ache, maybe with Nausea and diarrhea, can you wait a day,” said Kadmon. “To take the pain but some days or get worse, you go better to the doctor.” You suddenly start to feel unusually violent, or within a short time of intensity, you better be in a hospital: “as soon as possible you should be seen by a surgeon,” said Kadmon. “Because a timely therapy, you can avoid the Bad, such that a disease spreads to the abdominal cavity and the peritoneum inflamed.”

The ambulance, you should call in any case quickly, if the following complaints:

  • Belly is bloated and hard
  • It hurts extremely if you touch the belly
  • You have to violently vomiting, vomit blood, it looks black, or is it a chair, even demise
  • You had an accident, in which the abdomen was injured
  • You will feel additional intense pain in the chest
  • The skin has yellow-colored
  • You have a high fever
  • You can’t let water or stool remains on for days
  • You can see blood in the urine
  • You get sweating, get dizzy, or you faint

Quick diagnosis through Touch

You have to wait in the emergency room, like an Embryo curled up in a ball, so the pain is bearable, you announced to the doctor as “acute Abdomen”. Acute Abdomen or casually “acute abdomen”, describes a state in which the doctor will examine and decide whether a surgery is required. Experienced practitioners often have a good sense of what could be behind it, alone the fact that they provide quick, targeted questions, and the abdomen by Palpation to examine. Depending on which area of the abdomen, you can feel the pain the most violent and the pain to the touch, which gives the doctor a first note (see graphic).

It does only in the region of the Umbilicus and then to the right, below, is hurt, is often a appendicitis (appendicitis), pain in the left lower abdomen rather inflamed Outgrowths of the intestine (diverticulitis). Pain on the left or right of the bar can also be a pinched inguinal hernia .

Behind colic generates pain in the entire abdomen could be a bowel obstruction , plug, Ileus. The intestinal contents are not transported further, for example, because of a Tumor from the outside, presses the intestinal wall. Or because the bowel is strangulated by adhesions from a previous surgery “” (Bridenileus). The bowel tries to overcome the obstacle, what causes the colic. Often the Patient has no bowel movement and is vomiting at the same time.

Also, kidney stones or gallstones can colic cause. “You feel strong colicky pain in the right upper abdomen or in the flanks, you better get to a clinic,” advises a surgeon Kadmon. In the case of a biliary colic, it hurts in the right and middle upper abdomen the most, the pain can radiate into the back or the right shoulder, and the skin may turn yellow. Has in addition the gallbladder is inflamed, often fever, and it does permanently in the upper right abdomen hurt.

The location and nature of pain are important

An elderly Patient feels violent colicky pains in the umbilical region, which subside after six to eight hours, better time to ride in the clinic, but call the emergency doctor – especially if at the same time is a vessel calcification (atherosclerosis) or a heart rhythm disorder is not known, or he had a stroke. Because then, it may be that his vessels in the stomach have locked in acute by a blood clot. The pain will subside, call a physician as a “deceptive peace”. Because in time, the peritoneum (Peritonitis) is inflamed. Then pain again, and without treatment a life-threatening blood poisoning (Sepsis).

In young women with abdominal pain man often a gynecologist. A woman can feel, for example, a sudden pain, after you moved quickly, you may have a cyst in the ovary on its own axis (stalk twisted ovarian cyst). One of the first studies in women of childbearing age with abdominal pain is a pregnancy test. Is the positive and the woman complains of increasingly serious complaints, can put a pregnancy outside of the uterus behind it, to an ectopic pregnancy. The Test is negative and began the pain rather after the period and you can feel it, especially on one side, the ovary becomes inflamed (pelvic inflammatory disease).

Many diseases can hide behind the pain

You ate too much, drank too much and now suffers under diffuse pain in the upper abdomen, you could have an inflammation of the stomach mucosa, Gastritis. This can be triggered by viruses, bacteria, food poisoning, or drugs.

Complains a Patient of most violent pain in the upper abdomen, like a belt in the back radiation, is a typical sign of acute inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which are often treated in intensive care units. In older people, about the “unprecedented” pain in the lower abdomen and back complaints, thinks the physician to an aortic aneurysm. A part of the main artery in the abdomen is expanding and may burst in at once. It is not operated in time, you can bleed to death internally.