Hello, how’s it going?

Memory Coachinghi, how’s it going?

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a ten-week memory-to-one Coaching, with your memory in everyday life can improve. This is the first part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

Who wants to train his memory in everyday life with little effort effectively, you can tackle a basic point: his social contacts.

Cognitive scientists and memory researchers agree that nothing brings the grey cells up to speed as an attentive conversation with a friend or neighbor, or a phone call with family members or old Acquaintances. Social contact acts in two ways: firstly, it lifts the mood and is so in a roundabout way, a positive effect on the brain. On the other, have a conversation with others is a complex cognitive performance. This we underestimate often.

The tasks we ask you this week to set, therefore in the social life. You will promote the attentive contact with other people. You can choose between a task for “beginners” and one for “Advanced” – decide for yourself whether they belong in terms of communication more likely to be withdrawn or to the Experts.

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Important: In the training units of the next few weeks, it comes to very different areas of life. If you are a contact muffle, don’t despair now! Other tasks will provide a focus for, are you likely to be more.

Nevertheless: Try this week, just change your luck with more communication. And if you are a contact ACE, you will consider this Exercise as a light introduction to the topic.

For beginners: Three calls to make

Phone calls with friends and Acquaintances require complex cognitive performance. Give yourself a jerk and call in the course of this week, three Acquaintances or friends that you wanted to speak longer. You make a list with five names and then search them spontaneously, on what conversation you want.

Caution: The first call is sometimes difficult, especially if one has not spoken for a few weeks or months. So: Log in to short, chat for five to ten minutes about what’s New, or arrange by phone. Important: SMS, WhatsApp, and other types of virtual communication are not allowed in the case of these three contacts. You do not have an active training effect for memory.

If you do not belong to the people, the phone calls to the loved one, in a nutshell, try one of the rather Advanced task.

For Advanced students: listen Actively and ask questions

In everyday life we make a lot of Small Talk, exchange pleasantries about the weather, work, family. You lead this week, a conversation with a Person from the well-Known or circle of friends that you really concentrate for ten to fifteen minutes to full.

That is to say: ask the Person how she’s doing. You are closer to Concerns, news or problems. Or you are interested in – also through targeted more questions – for a specific Hobby or a passion that nourishes this Person. Also, try to your own experiences or memories on the subject to contribute. Such a focused, active and open-ended entertainment creates networks in the brain and is a perfect workout for the grey cells.

An additional tip for the whole exercise: Reflect at the end of each week, briefly, how the tasks are run. What have you done? What was easy, what was difficult? What you have experienced in the telephone or in concentrated conversation? Take a few minutes to think about it.

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