Second opinion prevents many operations

If a doctor is an Operation advises, it is useful to get a second opinion. Often, the therapy recommendation of another doctor is quite different. A survey by the health insurance company Barmer shows.

More than every second Patient (57%), in which a medical procedure is planned, seek a second opinion from another doctor. Doubts as to an Operation are justified, because the survey of Barmer also shows that that is true, the opinion of other Doctors, in many cases, quite different. Although 72 percent of the respondents reported to have the diagnosis confirmed. Only 21 percent got the same treatment recommendation.

"We have an information deficit in Germany, in terms of operations. Knowledge and information gaps should not contribute to unnecessary interventions werden&quot made;, Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub, Chairman of Barmer says. He called on patients to make consistently from the right on the second opinion use. Who hear two opinions, a result, according to the survey, more than half of the alternative view (56 per cent). The majority of those doubts about an upcoming therapy has, wants the survey to even more than just one more opinion. More than half get even two more assessments (56 percent).

For the survey nationwide, 1,000 women and men were interviewed from the age of 18 online.


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