Heart Attack Risk! Thus you will reduce harmful blood fats

Because of its bad reputation, it has managed the cholesterol of the most well-known blood fat. But not cholesterol, but the triglycerides represent the largest share of the blood fat values. High triglycerides-value indicates a fat metabolism disorder.

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Every day we take in with the food of different fats in the body. They are contained in Butter, meat, sausages, eggs, nuts, and other foods. Approximately 98 percent of these fats are neutral fats called Triglycerides.

Triglycerides are the main energy supplier for the body are indispensable. In the fatty tissue under the skin, they contribute to the temperature insulation and protect the body from the cold. A healthy proportion of fat also protects our internal organs and bones from injury. As long as we do not provide the body with an excessive amount of triglycerides, you are a normal and vital part of our metabolism.